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I am the son of a professional, journeyman plumber and pipefitter who repaired ships during WWII, built power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, national defense missile facilities, and skyscrapers; I have worked with him since I was just three, when I helped him build our family a large, four bedroom, three bath ranch house on four acres of woodland in Mountainside N.J., and later helped him remodel and re-plumb a three story 1890 Victorian Mansion in Plainfield, N.J., converting it into a 2 family home.

I went on to earn my bachelor's degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Biological Research at Rutgers Universityin 1968. After serving as a Naval Aviator Officer during the Vietnam War I earned my Masters of Arts degree in Physiological Psychology with a minor in Microbiology and Immunology research at San Francisco State University To replenish my funds  while developing safty gear for work in sterile research labs (That I had concieved while  growing Viruses on human tissue  in culture media at UCLA Medical Center, I got a job in the budding solar field, as a solar system salesman and designer. When our company, Sunset Pools, received complaints from customers that its installers weren't able to get two of our systems to heat their pools satisfactorily.  I went out, diagnosed the problems, repaired them myself, and got them working well beyond the expectations of the owners. Later on, I secured a job as a salesman for FAFCO, then, the largest pool solar franchise, and was sent out on leads that previous salesman had told the home owners that a solar system wasn't feasible, yet I figured out ways around evident obstacles and to put them in and make them work well. These frustrations ultimately lead to me going into the solar business for myself.  I am now the oldest, most experienced licensed solar contractor in Los Angeles (CA Lic. 396360), having started my company in 1976, and I am unique in that I have been intimately involved, hands on, in all aspects of solar hot water system design installation, maintenance, and repair, now, for 35 years. My specialty is remedying problems in solar heating systemsdone by installers, existing or no longer in business, throughout Southern California